Shaker Kitchens Timeless and Trendy

Interior Design is so often a conversation about “What’s new?” or using one of my least favourite words “What’s Trendy?” We’ve all seen these articles, Top Design Trends for 2020 or Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year.

But, how does all this trend based info apply to an investment as large as a kitchen? A new kitchen for your home, is very different than popping down to Freedom to replace the Boho Chic couch cushions you may have tired of. So, is it possible to be trendy and also timeless?

Shaker kitchen cabinetry may be your answer. In New Zealand, the land of villas and bungalows, shaker kitchen panels are often a go to for homeowners and designers. They offer a connection to the history of our homes and a backdrop that works well with contemporary features. I’ve installed a white shaker kitchen in a previous home and I miss it, honestly.

The hallmark of the shaker design is a clean lined cut out panel used on cupboards and drawer fronts. It has symmetrical minimal detailing, shying away from intricate panelling which would give a more formal feel. The simple raised perimeter frame can be of different widths, depending on the desired look, with thinner permitter frames being quite popular right now. The classic white version of a shaker panel is the most common and is sometimes referred to as Hamptons or Craftsman style.

The shaker panel is versatile and can work well with a variety of handles and knob choices, as well as handless cabinetry and the panels fronts can be any colour you wish. Navy blue, black and greys are popular and commonly mixed with white marble or stone bench tops for a classic effect. Muted shades of green panelling is also being seen a lot right now and this looks great with brushed brass accents, such a handles or lighting.

Shaker panelling is not just limited to the kitchen. It can be a repeated element in a home used in wardrobes, bathroom vanities and entertainment units to feel cohesive. A great element to design with, shaker can feel traditional or contemporary depending on the materials, hardware, decor items and feature lighting they are paired with.

Pinterest is loaded with shaker style kitchens for inspiration. It’s a great place to start.

If you would like our help designing a shaker style kitchen, then flick us an email to and let’s chat!