Great Ideas for Small Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern Bathroom Designs

Have you ever opened up a  shower door and it hits the edge of the sink? We’ve all been in a tiny bathroom at one point or another; if not designed well, the sink, shower, and toilet can all feel cramped together. Thanks to the onset of interior design, the days of dealing with confined and uncomfortable morning routines are over. Working with a small space does not mean you need to compromise on style.

When every centimetre of your bathroom space is used with care and precision, you can have a gorgeous bathroom that feels roomy regardless of its size.

Our team of expert designers at Cheltenham Rd. have compiled their favourite tips and tricks to help you make the most of your space. There’s nothing more satisfying than a well-planned space, and we are here to help you achieve it.

Show the floor

Covering your floor with bulky cabinetry and utilities will make your space look cramped as well as create trip hazards. The more floor you can see, the roomier your bathroom will feel. Go for slim units, floating shelves, and wall-hung vanities to show as much floor as possible.

Use natural lighting

When possible, try to maximise the amount of natural light that comes  into your bathroom. Add a big window (depending on where it’s facing) – or a skylight if you want light and privacy. Being able to see outside will make you feel far less enclosed.

Go for sliding doors

Get rid of any swinging doors that intrude on your bathroom. Practical and stylish, sliding doors are great space-savers. Opening up sliding doors expands the space, compared to swinging doors which present another obstacle you need to step around. Use them for your shower as well as your cabinets and even think about installing a cavity slider at your bathroom entrance.

Viva la vertical

Don’t just lay everything out on low cabinets and baskets on the floor. Install  shelves, wall hung, tall, slim cabinets, and towel rails that draw the eye up. Thinking vertically will bring your attention away from limited horizontal space and truly make the most of every part of the room.

Shower strategy

Use glassshower screens to best show off your space. Shower curtains and enclosed spaces will block off a good chunk of the area you do have. Alternatively, take away your shower door completely and create a wet room. 

Match the shape of your shower to your room; you might want a corner shower, a square box shower, or a whole side of your bathroom dedicated to your shower space.

Be clever with colour

A harmonius  colour pallet will help make your space flow, eliminating blockages in your visual field. Classic, whight  bathrooms are forever popular, are bright and airy and a classic match with white sanitary ware,  helping to open up your bathroom space.. 

However, don’t be afraid of a chic, dark bathroom, especially in a powder room, or a retro black and white pallet, or fun marbling that dances between light and dark.

Play with texture

If you go for a reasonably monochrome look, texturing is a great way to bring some energy to your space. In fact an all white bathroom needs  texture to bring it alive. Mix and match granites, marble, concrete, wood, and glass for a sharp, modern aesthetic. Anything glossy will amplify light in the room, while rough matte textures will provide a refreshing offset to the shine.

Use tiles

Floor-to-ceiling tiles will make your bathroom look much larger than it is. In addition, small  tiles and the way tiles are laid can give the illusion of greater width in the walls.

Put a niche in your shower

Built-in shower ledges  and niches in  shower walls will lift products from off the floor, again creating space and a tidy, uncluttered  look.

Get a big mirror

Never underestimate a mirror’s ability to visually double the size of your room. Mirrors will not only make your bathroom feel more spacious, and can be used to store bathroom toiletries but they will also reflect any light you have from lights and windows, easily brightening the space.

Conceal any clutter

Hide anything that clutters your vanity – the less busy your bathroom, the better. Put all your lotions and potions in cabinets and tuck your toilet paper in a basket under the vanity.

Choose Cheltenham Rd

At Cheltenham Rd., we are a team of expert interior designers here to help you create the perfect space for your home.

We have all the technical knowledge, creative vision, and spatial awareness necessary to make the most of your small bathroom. With your input at every step of the way, we will plan and deliver the best layout, products, and style for you.

Working with an interior designer adds value to your home and overall enjoyment of the process. Whether you are building a new home or renovating your bathroom, we are here to help you. If you are ready for a gorgeous new bathroom, arrange a consultation with Cheltenham Rd today to get started.