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Whether you’re thinking about a concept for a new bathroom, refreshing a room in an existing home, or simply looking for a bright new look, the team at Cheltenham Rd. can help you. We’ll work closely with you to generate great ideas and designs that make the most of your space while ensuring that it reflects your personality and style. So if you need a skilled bathroom designer based in Auckland who will take the stress and hassle away, then just turn to us.


Bathroom Design Ideas

It might feel overwhelming to start planning a new design for your bathroom, but our team can help. When you get in touch with us, we’ll work together to make sure we have a thorough understanding of your expectations and vision for your home.

At Cheltenham Rd, we know it’s essential that your residence is a reflection of you – your personality, interests and lifestyle. The best bathroom designs integrate aesthetics and functionality, creating a harmonic blend of fixtures that make getting ready in the morning a breeze while offering soothing lighting and curated tones that will allow you to wind down after a long day.

Our designers have put together a few tips for starting your journey on the path to an incredible new bathroom.


Find Your Inspiration

The best way to begin collecting new ideas is to consider your space and how you wish to use it. What size is your bathroom? What shape is it – is it a square or rectangular room, or long and narrow? Both the size and shape of your room will determine the fittings you can include in it – for instance, whether you’ll have the option to add a bathtub and double vanity or whether you’ll be restricted to a shower.

What options do you have for lighting? Does the room include a window or can a skylight be added? Is overhead lighting all you need, or is an illuminated vanity mirror essential, so shaving and grooming become easy?

If you have a style in mind for your house as a whole, determining the character of your bathroom will be much easier. Whether you’re attempting to preserve the original character in a historic home or want to make a small apartment space look truly chic and contemporary, having a concept for your bathroom’s personality will help you significantly when it comes to deciding on the best look and finishes for your room.

Out of inspiration? Home and design magazines, Pinterest, or examples of finished renovation projects are all excellent sources of inspiration. Our designers are always more than happy to chat with you about transforming your bathroom into the luxurious, relaxing space that you deserve.

Cheltenham Beach bathroom renovation  |  2021


Transform Your Bathroom, Transform Your Home

Whether you’re planning a renovation or building a fantastic new bathroom entirely from scratch, you can rely on the team at Cheltenham Rd. to ensure that your space will feature a beautiful design. We will work with you to develop incredible colour palettes and finishes that will inspire you each and every time you step into your new bathroom.

Bathrooms have been woefully neglected in the design of many Auckland homes. Most houses in the region feature small bathrooms or separate bathrooms and toilets that are dark, uninspiring, and lack any sense of design.

That’s why simply redesigning your bathroom can be a quick way to refresh the look and feel of your home. Despite popular belief, you won’t have to compromise on clever design choices simply because your bathroom is on the smaller side.

Good planning and looking at the details are the secrets to creating that stylish, spa-like bathroom you have been looking for, whether you have an ample space that easily holds a free-standing bathtub or a small bathroom in a city centre apartment. With modern technology, careful lighting, clever colour choices and smart storage, even limited space can seem much larger than the floor plan would suggest.


Why Choose Us

The team of bathroom designers at Cheltenham Rd. will work in close collaboration with you to devise alternatives to your tired old bathroom. Together, we will create a beautiful, sophisticated space where you can refresh and face the day or wind down for the evening.

We offer a comprehensive design and project management service that will ensure a seamless, smooth process from concept right through to completion. Whether your old bathroom is out of date and in dire need of a refresh or you are planning a total transformation of your house, the Cheltenham Rd. team has the experience, expertise and connections to bring your vision to life.

With our exceptional commitment to excellent customer service and results you’ll fall in love with, we will help you create a bathroom that pairs comfort and convenience with sophistication and style – all tailored exactly to your tastes.

Let’s get inspired. If you would like to chat with us about designing a new look for your bathroom, please contact us at

The team at Cheltenham Rd. looks forward to bringing your dream bathroom to reality.